LumiFi’s mission is to bring the concepts of commercial lighting design to the consumer market by tapping into the developing Internet of Things. One of the largest challenges is translating the abstract concepts of light and its influence on behaviors and moods into something more digestible to the average user. Furthermore, with such a segmented market full of emerging technologies, it’s imperative to have a user experience that seamlessly handles the grunt work and lessens the learning curve for adoption. This app successfully bridges those gaps by using a fresh, focused interface, and powered by trademarked algorithms.

In my redesign of the app, I focused on streamlining the current UI, and gamifying each step of the process. The entire UX for the new app also attempts to educate users in lighting concepts as well as be a useful app.

Starting with the initially device setup, the UX flow of the app was thinking like a lighting designer—the result being a dry, monotonous process. The average home user would only think “Am I done yet?!” Terms were conflated and misused in a valiant attempt to speak in terms the end user would understand. The new approach (with education in mind) uses the correct terms, and starts the naked lamp and, through gamificaiton, evolves into the practical fixture that you’d actually find in your environment. The process is similar to customizing a character in a RPG and is fun, addictive, and educational. In terms of the UI, original elements are repurposed to modernized to match the graphic expectations of today’s market. Devices are photorealistic to give foundation and visualization to the conceptual process of evaluative lighting composition.

The main app is visually immersive. The cleaned-up UI graphically interprets literal associations of light: airiness, weightlessness, transparency, unbound and flowing. Elements are layered with opacities so that the mood of the currently selected light scheme influences the in app experience and echoes the physical environment. The modified UX removes the sidebar menu in favor of a tab bar. The result—a more discoverable, visual, and efficient experience. Increased contextualization of tasks help keep things straight in the app and make it much easier to get from point A to point B in the app flow by being instantly accessible.

IoT Lighting Control for iOS and Android

LumiFi brings your lights to life. This startup incorporates smart LED wireless bulb technology and the expertise of professional award-winning lighting designers, to offer composed, customizable lighting moods in your home or office at the simple touch of a button. In the summer of 2015, I got to put my theatrical lighting experience to good use in the reboot of the smartphone app's UI and UX.

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